Friday, October 10, 2008

Coleman's Ice Cream

Shop Name: Coleman's Ice Cream

Location: Rt. 340, Lancaster

Boo's Rating: 3 1/2 Screams

You may or may not remember, but Coleman's was one of the first ice cream establishments I reviewed for this blog and they did not receive a very high rating. Actually, they are currently the lowest rating in the history of this blog. On Tuesday, my company bought the entire production staff ice cream at Coleman's, so they had the opportunity to change their rating with me. And change they did. First of all, they have pumpkin ice cream right now, so that alone earned them an extra point. Second, the day we were there, they had a special sundae called the Apple Dumpling Sundae. I made the decision to replace the vanilla ice cream on the A.D.S. with their pumpkin ice cream. It was a perfect fall combination. Once again, the ice cream itself had a lot of ice crystals throughout, which as you all know is the biggest no-no for me, but the pumpkin flavor was really delicious, so I decided to ignore the ice crystals as much as I could. The apple dumpling was ENORMOUS, so the sundae was actually a little embarrassing to order, especially since almost everyone else got a small cone. I was the over-indulgent one with my giant sundae, but I don't care because it was a real treat. There was some sort of caramel sauce all over the dumpling that made it even more delicious, but I really can't stress enough how good the pairing of apple dumpling & pumpkin ice cream was. Seriously. Look into it.

Overall, the sundae and the pumpkin ice cream boosted Coleman's rating to a solid 3 1/2 screams, which is much more impressive than their previous rating. Good job, Coleman's! I'm pretty sure that everyone really enjoyed their ice cream that day and I even saw some other interesting flavors including a carrot cake flavor that looked pretty tasty. And even more exciting are the hilarious pictures I captured of the crazy staff I work with. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Miss T. Boo,

After seeing your blog photos of the AMT staff trip to Coleman's, it is clear that you need to wear more appropriate clothing. The other staffers were wearing bright reds, blues and greens (you know, fun colors) and there you are stuck in the center in drab gray. Perhaps if you dressed your personality the ice cream would taste better!

PS I like pumpkin ice cream too and would love to try the sundae!

PPS when's that kid from Asia gonna have another blog? And when's the "Meet Brance Cornelius" feature coming?

Boo said...

Brance, don't think I don't know that's you! Also, are you color blind? LOL

Making and Serving Ice Cream said...

Yummm! A pumpkin ice cream sundae? Sounds really really good! Great choice!